New cluster on Denali Network now active

  • 28th October 2019
New cluster on Denali Network now active: php7.3.9, memcache, opcache, http2, fastest storage SSD. In order to provide the highest level of clients' experience a new cluster has been added with the specified software running. Updated applications, fast SSD disk storage and modern cache solutions to run your contents. Best for any professional ...
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New professional unique hosting plan

  • 4th December 2018

Denali is proud to introduce to a new professional exclusive unique hosting plan, upgradable to the infinite and with anything possible to be customized to any needs. It's perfect for any professional use. To get more infos

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Denali's discord server

  • 3rd December 2018
Discord is a communication and groupware platform which was initially created for gaming but used today by thousand of companies as a gateway with customers and suppliers. Denali has activated a discord server in order to be in contact with its customers. Inside such a server you will find a general channel for any news from the company. Also each ...
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IPv6 now added by default on all VPS

  • 9th July 2018
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