Can't connect to mailbox

Sometimes the customer complains that when connecting to their mailbox in POP3 or IMAP4, the mail server does not respond and after a few seconds (or sometimes minutes) it responds with "impossible to connect to the pop server" or similar message. In this document we will see what it is and what to do to solve it.

To understand what it is, you need to do this test:

  1. check which pop / imap server is entered in the settings (incoming mail server). If the server is a third-party server like, tiscali, iol, aol, etc. Then you need to refer to this provider, as we do not manage third party servers. And you are detecting the problem on an external box, not managed by us.
  2. if the pop / imap server that is detected is of the pop type <vostrodominio> then open a browser (firefox, chrome, safari, etc.) and type in your address bar your domain <vostrodominio> and try to browse it. If you cannot navigate the site there may be two possibilities described below.

Connection problems

Your internet connectivity provider is having connection problems. In this case you cannot reach the server because the connectivity provider is having problems. We recommend that you call your support number to verify this.

Your IP address is in the system firewall

It is possible that your IP is present in the system firewall. This can happen if there are viruses or other malicious code on your network or your terminal. You can verify it by doing this:

  1. Log in on and mark your IP address
  2. Now go to and enter in the appropriate field. If you appear as Listed then you are listed, and we recommend opening a ticket through your customer area requesting a further verification or release.

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